Results from todays training

I haven’t got any report from the team today but according to Jonas at Johan finished at 7:th place in todays training. Ivan Brigad had the fastest time but had a boat that was too light, thus stricken from todays race. Ulvis Slakteris raced too many laps and was also stricken from todays training. Rick Ivar Hakonsen blew his engine.

Neither Giani Manici nor Tullio Abbate boats have arrived to Qatar yet.

  1. Ahmed Al Hamli
  2. Thani AL Qamzi
  3. Jay Price
  4. Sultan Al Dhaheri
  5. Yousuf Al Robaian
  6. Arif Al Zafeen
  7. Johan Österberg
  8. Risto Panio
  9. Andre Schurle
  10. Mikki Fors
  11. Ian Andrews
  12. Ugis Gross